Starting My Batik Journey

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I thought I'd try out a few tie dye shirts with the batik technique this summer and I've found that I've quite enjoyed the process of this technique. 

I started practicing the batik technique about six months ago. I believe it was May. It's been a long and crazy six months for me and my family so my time frame could be a bit off. Everything seems like it was just last month or a couple weeks ago. So, I'm going with May.

I created a few test shirts to try it out and see if I liked it. I was pleased with the outcome and the process was quite calming so I figured I would continue with it. I've only recently been able to get back to it and I've been working on several new designs as well as practicing on more than one color.

This summer I had a request for a custom design so I continued practicing my batik skills with that and I was quite pleased with the results for it. Now I just need to create a template so that I can easily recreate that shirt. I'll be back with more for you on that design later.

I've been able to keep my mind busy with creating things. It very well may be able to be considered art therapy. I've kind of let things just come as they come at this point since I'm just not in a mindset of trying to think to hard about things. I may overthink and fall apart if I try to think too much. So, we're just going with what comes right now. In the meantime...

Have a beautiful day!

Carol Sue 




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