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Coming SOON! Creative Snapshots Newsletter by Carol Sue Designs

I'm so excited to be getting settled into a creative, exciting and fun newsletter for you! It's been a while planning and bringing it to life, but it's just about ready to launch!

Ready or not I'm launching Creative Snapshots to you in September...I'll work out the kinks as we go along. What better way to get something done than just jumping right in! Sink or Swim is what I've been many here's to SWIMMING!!!! :) 

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My goal for Creative Snapshots 

My goal for this newsletter is to bring you little clips of life behind the scenes of the crazy creative process that no one really sees. I'll let you in on upcoming sales, events and new products before the general public finds out about them. Plus some extra special goodness just for my Creative Snapshot VIPs! 

Oh boy! You realize this means getting out of my comfort zone, getting myself way ahead of the game and being prepared in advance and not just winging it like we creatives love to do, right? ACK! So...bear with me along this journey while I strive to bring you amazing, creative content and ideas!

So, how do you get on this VIP list you ask? Just click Show Me The Snapshots!  

Once you've subscribed to the newsletter you'll immediately be added to my Creative Snapshots VIP list and I'll send all this great info right to your inbox!

That's it. Now just sit back and wait for the creative goodness to flow through cyber space.

Thank you so much for reading my mind and I'll see you on the CSVIP list soon!

Here's to being a Creative Snapshots VIP! <3 

Carol Sue



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