A Little About Carol Sue Designs

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A Little About Carol Sue Designs

Carol Sue Weeks is the artist, photographer and designer behind all the creative photography and designs.

She utilizes her talents and skills to bring you a multitude of handmade gifts, beautiful photography and creative product designs created with love and positive intentions.

She attended Delta College to gain a better knowledge of the computer programs and tools used in graphic design to bring her creative ideas to life and to learn more about photography and how to use the camera specifically to photograph a snowflake up close. That whole photography thing went just a bit further than planned. But, it's been a good thing!

She has created in a large variety of artistic mediums. She has created jewelry from wire to beaded to hand stamped. T shirts from screen printed & htv graphic tees to tie dyed tees. Hand painted ornaments, wire sun catchers and stained glass etched ornaments. Scrapbook paper designs from hand cutting the designs to creating files for them to be cut with a machine. 

Carol Sue continues to learn new techniques and tools to expand her knowledge and creative processes that aide her through this creative journey of life. She hopes to always bring you creative and inspiring products that will bring a smile to your face.

Visit her website to see some of her newest creations at Carol Sue Designs






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